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The Association regularly organises conferences and lectures, partly for its members, partly for the greater audience of the Earth scientists, even for the laic people. The list of coming events can be seen from the left menu. While the bulk of the events are in Hungarian, some are in English.





This sequence of the lectures has a decade-old history, starting from the events of the triennium of the Global Earth. These years we organised the series in different titles, recently this title above want to express a general subject: the bordering themes among (or between) the Earth sciences. Each lecture day (an afternoon at the main hall of the Hungarian Geological and Geophysical Institute) consists of several lectures, and is jointly organised by two Earth-science-related scientific civil organisations of Hungary. As for an umbrella organ, years ago the FöCIK was established. This is a commonwealth of the Earth-science societies/associations to promote not only their expertise but to promote the effect of the Earth sciences on the society - both on the laic society and on the governmental-related organisations as well. 

Just now, 2015-2016 activity is listed as follows. These events were managed mainly by Mr. Géza Rezessy, and were supported basically by the MFGI - Hungarian Geological and Geophysical Institute, as well as by the EAGE - European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers.


Novelties in the Earth Sciences, 2015

22nd April, 2015

The Earth-Sun Connection

Introducing the Sopron Geophysical Institute (Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, HungarianAcademy of Sciences)

Barta, Veronika: Phenomena of Sun activity

Kis, Árpád: Physics of the Earth head waves

Bór, József: Domestic investigating the electro optical emissions in the upper atmosphere

Koronczay, Dávid: Observing the space weather from the Earth surface

Earth Sciences, Concerted 2015

16th September, 2015

Mineral Prospecting: Past, Present, Future

(organised jointly by the Geological Society of Hungary, MFT and the Association of Hungarian Geophysicists, MGE)

Horváth, Zsolt: Words of the president (MGE), presenting the lecture series

Baksa, Csaba: Introducing the FöCIK (Commonwealth of the Hungarian Earth Science Associations)

Tóth, Álmos: Thinking about the history of the Hungarian bauxite geophysics

Mindszenty, Andrea: Some lessons on the domestic bauxite prospecting

Kakas, Kristóf: Bauxite exploration using geophysics – models and paradigms

Somos, László: New ways to exploit our coal reserves

Szongoth, Gábor; Zilahi-Sebess, László; Mázik, Jenő: Links between the geology and well-logging geophysics in the mineral prospecting


21st October, 2015

Flows in the Mantle, Vulcans, Mountains

(organised jointly by the Hungarian Society of Geography and the Association of Hungarian Geophysics)

Galsa, Attila: The engine for the plate tectonics: flows in the mantle

Karátson, Dávid: Recent results investigating the young volcanism of the Csomád (Transsylvania) – tefrostratigraphy, geochronology, morphology

Szabó, Zoltán: Loránd Eötvös, the photographer of the Dolomite Mountains


18th October, 2015

Global Fields, Global Reference Systems

(organised jointly by the Hungarian Society for Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing, and the Association of Hungarian Geophysicists)

Völgyesi, Lajos: Relevance of global fields in the geophysics and in the geodesy

Kiss, János; Vértesi, László; Gulyás, Ágnes; Madarasi, András; Sőrés, László: Geophysical maps without borders

Timár, Gábor: From the Earth shape to the georeference of historical maps – topographic maps of the Hapsburg era seen at Google Earth

Márton, Mátyás: Globe of tectonism, dismountable Earth model of its structure and morphology – curiosities on teaching geography, Museum of Virtual Globes


17th February, 2016

Using electromagnetic and sonic waves both in the human diagnostics and in the mineral prospecting

(organised jointly by the Hungarian Society of natural Sciences and the Association of Hungarian Geophysicists)

Földes, Tamás: Using image-generating diagnostic tools in the Earth sciences

Pethő, Gábor: Electromagnetic methods in the geological prospecting

Zilahi Sebess, László: Sonic methods in well-logging investigations

Tőrös, Endre: Diagnostic of engineering objects and constructions with geophysical methods

Kellermayer, Miklós: Correlative image-generating procedures in the human medicine


16th March, 2016

Decisive physical and chemical isolation factors in planning repositories

Molnár, Péter: Isolation in nuclear repositories

Kovács, László: Rock mechanics effects of cavern construction for the isolation

Andrássy, Máriusz, Dankó, Gyula; Korpai, Ferenc: Hydraulic investigation of EDZ – in the adits of the Bátaapáti Nuclear Repository

Prónay, Zsolt; Törös, Endre; Tildy, Péter: Geophysical survey in and among the Bátaapáti adits

Benedek, Kálmán: Evaluating tectonic lineaments with DFN modelling. The role of these investigations in planning the closure of depth geological repositories

Megyeri, Tamás; Jobaházi, Vilmos; Szántó, Vera; Glatz, Katalin: A suggested closing procedure for adits in the tectonic zones. Conceptual plan and its revision 

Salem, Georges Nehme: Radioactive shielding with concrete

Fintor, Krisztián: Speed-up degradation tests at a concrete constructional seal, Bátaapáti repository

Kaszás, István; Magyar, Balázs; Stickel, János: Testing of the isolation of a repository bottom layer, using hydrogeological probing and geophysical survey

Magyar, Balázs, Stickel, János: Evaluation of water tightness with geophysical methods at an industrial depository, for alkali-type groundwater contamination

20th April, 2016

Location of green energy parks

(jointly organised by the Hungarian Society of Meteorology and the Association of Hungarian Geophysicists)

Nagy, Zoltán: Measuring the insolation at the National Meteorological Survey

Mika, János; Dobi, Ildikó; Rázsi, András: Estimation of the solar and wind energy potential, Eger region

Illyi, Tamás: 21. century trends of the near-surface wind circumstances in Hungary

Madarasi, András: Possible use of magnetotelluric soundings for geothermal planning

Pelczéder, Ágnes: Introducing the Győr Geothermal Project

Kovács, Attila Csaba; Fancsik, Tamás; Hegedűs, Endre, Redler-Tátrai, Marianna; Gúthy, Tibor; Tóth, Izabella; Csabafi, Róbert; Bujdosó, Éva: Seismic survey at the Győr region for geothermal purposes



18th May, 2016

Modelling regional systems of confined aquifers

(Jointly organized by the Hungarian Society of Hydrology and the Association of Hungarian Geophysicists)

Tóth, György; Szőcs, Teodóra; Gál, Nóra; Kun, Éva: Relationship between the Water-catchment Management Plan and the works on water resource protection

Vértesy, László; Gulyás, Ágnes; Füsi, Balázs: Water prospecting with geophysical methods, from 2 down to 2000m

Dankó, Gyula; Görög, Zsolt; Püspöki, Zoltán: Ameliorated hydrogeological model of the Gödöllő water resource area, based on the correlative evaluation of geological and well-logging data



18th October, 2016

“Gravity measured by caliper-square – novel researches in gravimetry”

(Jointly organised by the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Association of Hungarian Geophysics)

Raffai, Péter: Detecting the gravitational waves – the most important result in astronomy and physics this year

Kis, Márta: Tidal effects, measured in the National Gravity Observatory of Mátyáshegy



16th November, 2016

Dialog of spelunkers and doodlebuggers -
Speleological investigations in practice, application of geophysical methods to detect caves

(Jointly organised by the MKBT - Hungarian Speleological Society and the Association of Hungarian Geophysicists)

Leél-Őssy, Szabolcs: Past and present of the cave exploration in Hungary 

Törös, Endre; Pattantyús-Ábrahám, Miklós; Prónay, Zsolt; Neducza, Boriszlav:  Geophysical methods for cave detecting – case histories

Surányi, Gergely: Cosmic cave mapping  - detecting density inhomogeneites using high energymuon-tomography

Bagi, István; Czeglédi, Balázs: Karst and cave investigations using surface geophysical methods

Kandra, Lajos: Innovation in the 3D laser scanning – experience and results in Hungary