Foundation for Hungarian Geophysicists

The Association of Hungarian Geophysicists decided at its 1990 Meeting to establish this Foundation  and elected its first Advisory Board for 3 years. The foundation has been started with a moderate initial capital of 300 000 HUF, which gradually increased to more than 12 million by years, but decreased later.

Being open for everybody, the primary aim of this Foundation is to help provide financial support for junior geophysicists and retired members of the Association.

The five members of the Advisory Board invite everybody to join this Foundation; donations should be communicated with the Board. Organizations and persons donating sums exceeding the initial capital will have the opportunity to delegate representatives into the Board.

Address: Advisory Board of the “Foundation for Hungarian Geophysicists”
Postal address, phone number and e-mail account is the same of the Association.

Board of Trustees (2014 status):

László Gombár (president), Pál Draskovits, Géza Rezessy, Ms. Zsuzsanna Hegybíró, Norbert Péter Szabó


Audit Committee (2014 status):

János Jánvári (president), László Kaszás, Ms. Zsuzsanna Szeidovitz